Sam benady


Sam Benady was born in Gibraltar, where his family has lived since 1735 (An ancestor was kidnapped by privateers in the 18th century and had to be ransomed). He qualified in medicine in London and has worked as a paediatrician in Bristol, Jerusalem and Gibraltar, where he ran the Child Health services single-handedly for over 20 years, having to cope with, among many other things, a serious epidemic of meningitis.

Work published to date includes four books connected with the history of Gibraltar. In the world of fiction he has published a short detective novel Sherlock Holmes in Gibraltar, and two short stories, ‘The Abandoned Brigantine’, won a special Honourable Mention in the Puebla Lucia Short Story Contest in 1989. A second story, ‘The Gibraltar Letter’ was anthologised in The Game is Afoot, 1984, ed. Marvin Kaye. A more recent title is The Keys of The City, a historical novel based on a monograph by Diego Lamelas.


"...neatly written, and the author clearly knows his Gibraltar and his Sherlock Holmes." The District Messenger (Newsletter of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London).

"I enjoyed these two stories...[they] recapture, to perfection, the rather flowery language of the nineteenth century..." Gibraltar Chronicle.

The Keys of the City: A historical novel based on a monograph by Diego Lamelas translated by Sam Benady from the Spanish.


"A good story of adventure, romance and a fascinating historical setting." Gibraltar Chronicle.

"This is a truly fascinating book which breathes life into the dusty archives of history. It paints a vivid picture of Spanish life during the final stages of the Reconquista and fires the imagination." Gibraltar Heritage Trust Newsletter.